With the abundant integration of artificial intelligence in the business industry, AI has become an essential part of ICT to support the growth of businesses. At Xware, We help customers utilize AI in their business, aiming to create a more convenient and comfortable environment.

Xware's AI Solution

At Xware, we provide services that use IBM Watson's AI, aiming to help customers solve problems and meet their needs. We provide full support by offering consultation, development, and operational maintenance of our services.

Our Technology

Speech Recognition

Recognizing speech and transcribing into text

Image Recognition

Differentiating between humans, animals and other objects in an image.

Natural Language Processing

The ability to analyze and capture meaning from an input of words.

Emotion Recognition

Identifying human emotion and analyzing personalities from facial expressions and conversations.

Future Predictions

Predicting the future by analyzing data from the past.

Text Search

Being able to find relevant information fast within a large amount of text data.

How can AI help you?



FAQ services for websites and social media apps in the form of chat bots.

Call center

Call center

Save costs by using AI as an operator for call centers.

Internal Help Desk

Internal help desk

Respond to inquiries about internal procedures and other queries within your office.



Using AI to identify suitable candidates in the HR process.



Using a customized approach to analyze and collect data about consumer needs.

IoT Data Analyzing

IoT Data Analyzing

Analyzing data collected by sensors and using it to solve customers problems.

Robot Interaction

Robot Interaction

Using Pepper the robot allows natural communication between robots and ICT.

Health Care

Health Care

Using an individuals health and stress level data to analyze their physical and mental health.



An AI chat bot that uses IBM Watson to answer your customer's questions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

TalkQA Website→

TalkQA for Pepper

Pepper and AI chat bot combined; intelligent answers in humanoid form.

TalkQA for Pepper Website→

TalkQA for Recruit

Recruit Chat Bot answers queries put through our machine-learning algorithm from students regarding recruitment

TalkQA for Recruit Website→


If you need a quote or more information on Xware's products or services, please feel free to contact us.

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