AI-powered facial authentication solutions

At Xware we strive to contribute to a safer and more convenient society. Improve customer experience with facial authentication, a convenient and popular technology for user verification. See below for how facial recognition can improve your business.

What is facial authentication?

Facial authentication uses the end user's own facial data to manage information in restaurants, facilities, businesses, events etc. It also allows services to be tailored to the specific end user and can resolve issues in existing systems such as user impersonation or the misplacement of ID cards.

Features of Xware's facial authentication solution

Xware's facial authentication solutions allow users to register and authenticate using their preferred devices. With no need for specialized equipment, you'll find it easy to implement and convenient to use.

No specialized devices required

There is no need to purchase any expensive equipment, as the system can be used on any device as long as it is able to connect to the Internet

Available for on-premises use.

Simply provide your own servers for on-premises hosting without needing to send your data to the cloud.


With our tailor-made AI solutions, we are able to offer customers services aligned precisely to their needs.

What you can achieve with facial authentication solutions

Restaurants and shops

Predict the age, gender and current emotion of your clients to provide them with specialized or popular menus and manage customer visits.

Case study: Nagi Spirits Co. (Japanese)

For businesses

Use your employee's faces as authentication, reducing the need for manual identity checks and verification when accessing restricted areas thus increasing confidence in your security procedures and facilitating accurate reporting of employee attendance.

Retail and recreation facilities

Customers at amusement parks, cinemas and libraries can register their faces for hassle-free entry and use. Specific or repeat customers can be offered discounted or limited-offer services.

How it works

  1. First, register your users' faces along with their information.
  2. Users' facial and other data are saved to the database and processed by the facial authentication AI.
  3. Present your face to the camera of any Internet-connected device to perform facial authentication.
  4. Facial data captured by the camera is compared to facial and other information learned by the AI engine. If the facial data matches, authentication is successful.


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