Xware Corporation
Representative Director, President and CEO
Kazutoshi Takimoto

The economic bubble collapse in 1995 was a time where corporate downsizing was rampant amongst Japanese companies, and it was during this time that Xware was born. Being reluctant to the idea of laying off employees, I had a discussion with my then superior and had decided to establish this company. The people around me were against this idea, however our clients at the time acknowledged our work ethics and supported our business. The Global Financial Crisis triggered by the Lehman Shock in 2008 affected the Japanese economy greatly, and many companies were driven to bankruptcy. Our company was not an exception and was very close to becoming bankrupt, however with the support of our clients at the time, we were able to avoid the worst.

I believe that a company's value is challenged the most in times of an economic recession. Becoming a company that is loved and needed; a company that people want to help out during difficult times. This is the kind of relationship we want to build together with the clients, and I believe that this is something that clients value highly.

At Xware, although we are developing our business by focusing mainly on system development, the one thing we are constantly conscious about is providing additional value that is uncomparable to other companies. In order to make the client's "dream" a "reality", we will not only hone in on our technological capabilities as an IT company, but we also aim to deeply understand the client's business to move towards the same goal, and lead to the client's utmost satisfaction.

Finally, we aim to accomplish the company's full value by globalizing. By offering clients products of Japanese quality at reasonable costs, and creating innovative solutions together with the clients, we will continue to build on our relationsip that will be unwavering and trusting more than ever.

At Xware, we provide a working environment where employees are able to work with confidence and pride, constantly hone in on techonological skills, give back to society, and contribute to a better society. Rather than becoming a large company, we want to become a company that is loved by all. This is what Xware aims to be.