At Xware's Robotics Lab, we develop Pepper applications on a business-to-business basis, targeting corporate and government workplaces.

In the coming years, if we were to look back on human progress, 2015 will surely mark the beginning of the modern consumer robot.
The truth is that even now a world in which humans and robots live alongside each other is not a distant dream.
Robots will be used in almost all facets of work life, with the ultimate goal of bringing use happiness.
It's that end result, that happiness, that Xware aims to bring our clients through robot application development.
We provide complete support via consultation, education, and application and system development, all focused on Pepper.

Getting Started with Pepper

Our aim is to develop applications that empower businesses to take advantage of the consumer robot revolution.


We will help you get started with Pepper. Whether it's helping you understand how to make the most of your Pepper, providing advice on purchasing, or setting up Pepper after purchase, we will be with you every step of the way.

Application Development

At Xware, we develop many different Pepper apps that to be used in a business environment. Feel free to enquire about both stand-alone Pepper apps, or systems that incorporate many devices including Pepper.


Do you want to understand the basics for controlling Pepper? Maybe you want to develop your own apps? If this sounds like you, our developers can teach you the steps you need to reach your goals.

What Can Pepper Do?

These are the kinds of tasks we set our Peppers to.

Event Support

Have you ever had trouble drawing a crowd at expos or other similar events? This is where Pepper really shines. Not only does having Pepper at your booth bring in many curious customers, Pepper can handle their enquiries for you. You can have your booth's information displayed on Pepper's tablet, encourage customers to complete surveys, and even have Pepper give simple explanations on your products. What's more is, Pepper can do all of this in English, Japanese, and Chinese!


Pepper is humanoid, and so makes for a great conversation partner. Having Pepper as your store or office receptionist gives your customers a more human experience, minus the labour cost. Pepper can also use VoIP to make internal calls and remember customer's faces to create a reception experience like no other before. Additionally, Pepper can take advantage of any waiting times by advertising company products, or relaying messages from staff to the waiting clients.


Pepper is a great assistant at seminars, expos, and other events that involve talking in front of a large audience, the size of which can be greatly increased by connecting Pepper to a large monitor. Pepper can repeat these presentations all day without fumbling or getting tired. Of course, Pepper can do this in English, Japanese, or Chinese.


Our products


Pepper will take your place in doing a presentation using the slides and scripts stored on the cloud system.

PepPre Website→

TalkQA for Pepper

Pepper and AI chat bot combined; intelligent answers in humanoid form.

TalkQA for Pepper Website→

TalkQA for Recruit

Recruit Chat Bot, the result of thousands of queries from students regarding recruitment put through our machine-learning algorithm.

TalkQA for Recruit Website→


If you need a quote or more information on Xware's products or services, please feel free to contact us.

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