IT systems are not only integral for day-to-day business operations, but also within our daily lives as well. We develop more IT solutions for a wide variety of industries, to contribute to the ever growing needs of society.

Xware's System Integration

We provide total support for IT solution services, regardless of the scope or size of the system. We provide a range of services, everything from consultancy to maintenance of deployed systems.

Social Infrastructure

IT systems has become integral part of public services ranging from public transport, energy systems and other governmental services. IT systems have now become the backbone of deploying these services. We at Xware aim to provide total support for developing infrastructure systems, from architecture design to developing core functionalities.

Enterprise systems

Many industries utilize computer systems to make business operations and processes more efficient. Xware aims to provide total support for developing enterprise systems, from architecture design to deploying and maintenance of the system, to provide a high cost-performance IT system for the client.

Web Systems

In recent years business services has become more diverse, and the demand for seemless integration of web based systems for clients has grown significantly. We aim to meet these demands by developing web based systems centralized on cloud computing. We develop web based systems for standard internet based systems, to in-house applications and smart device systems.

Our Technology

We aim to provide a low cost solution for clients by utilizing a combination of technology and skills

Programming Languages Java、PHP、C++、Ruby、Python、C# etc
DBMS Oracle、SQL Server、DB2、PostgreSQL、MySQL
OS Windows、Linux、UNIX、iOS、Android
Infrastructures Standalone、Intranet、Cloud
Devices PC、Smart Devices、Robots

  Development process

With the skills and knowledge gained from developing infrastrcture and enterprise systems, we employ professional development processes to ensure our systems are stable and of high quality. The process scheme involves a hybrid of agile and waterfall development processes to ensure the system is deployed swiftly.

 Original Framework

We employ the use of our original framework for core functionalities which are common throughout modern systems. This framework is utilized in a wide range of systems, from large scale systems which handles tens of data processes per second, to simpler web based systems as well. We further develop the framework based on the clients needs.


Government Systems

Public Transportation Systems

Retail Systems


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