IoT(Internet of Things) involves developing a communication network between physical "things" with the Internet, allowing the exchange of data between objects aimed at making a wide variety of systems interoperable. It is regarded as a fundamental design principle for the imminent rise of "Industry 4.0".

We at Xware aim to develop IoT solutions by focusing on small scale IoT systems.

The Future of IoT

Streamlining business operations

By utilizing data gathered from sensors and other IoT devices, we aim to streamline a variety of business operations.

Preventative maintenance

By deploying sensors which collects and regulates data from various facilities, these data can be used to analyze errors and malfunctions to predict preventative measures for maintenance.


By analyzing data gathered from IoT devices and industry data, we are able to make predictions about the future of business standards and practices.

Xware's IoT Solution

Our services include deploying IoT systems from the ground up, from consultation to designing, developing and testing the system. Our development principle lies in a small-start system, which involves cycling between planning, testing and reviewing the product.

Xware's Strengths

One Stop Service

We offer a one-stop service model to minimize cost, where everything from planning, desigining and development is all carried out.

Utilizing advanced technology

To meet the demands of society, we at Xware are focused on developing Mobile Apps, Robot Apps and AI related systems.

Integration of Enterprise systems

We are focused on system integration between IoT devices and enterprise systems in order to further create innovative value to current systems.


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